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    We at Heirloom Tea Company are tea enthusiasts that want to spread our passion for tea and to share with you the full tea leaf experience, with our curated selection of premium loose leaf teas from great tea regions of the world.

    Heirloom Tea Company aims to provide tea lovers with the finest single origin loose leaf tea. All of our teas are thoughtfully curated to ensure quality. In the vastly diverse world of tea, we choose to supply high quality teas from family farms and producers.

    These tea families that have had their heirloom of tea trees and traditions passed down from generation to generation.  Along with the tea trees, the knowledge of traditional tea processing, often with family held recipes, are passed down to the current generation.  Therefore, to produce the finest tea is one part the quality of the leaf and one part the skill and artistry of the tea master. This is what Heirloom Tea Company strives to highlight and provide to all tea drinkers. 

    Henry founded Heirloom Tea Company because of inspiration from a backpacking trip all around China after finishing university. Henry and his roommate were in Hangzhou and randomly rented bikes from their hostel. They ended up in the majestic tea fields up above the West Lake. Passing tea field after tea field, they decided to stop by one for a taste; the mother of the family farm invited them in for a taste of their Long Jing (Dragonwell) Tea. Her home/farm felt exactly what a tea family farm should feel like. Her young son was in the corner playing his computer games, while she brewed up the leaves that she plucked herself. The quality and freshness of the cup she brewed was phenomenal and eye opening. Even though Henry grew up in a family that always has Tie Guan Yin and Pu-erh teas in the pantry, this was when he realized that back home in the U.S. there aren't many places to find artisan loose leaf teas. Thus, forming the first thoughts about Heirloom Tea Company. From there the passion for tea bloomed, leading to extensive study of tea and eventually to starting an online shop to provide access to high quality, single origin tea leaves from family farms and producers. 

    Taste our teas and experience the quality and the tradition. 


    In our fast-paced modern world, we often become too focused on our daily tasks and lose track of what is truly important. We forget to slow down to smell the roses (or in this case, tea!). We believe that sipping on freshly brewed loose leaf tea opens up our senses and helps us to be mindful of the present. The process of brewing loose leaf tea, taking in the fragrant aromas and savoring the  unique tastes that tea can offer leads to the culmination of a moment in the day that is peacefully yours.

    It is these moments that Heirloom Tea Company strives to create for you every day with our offering of premium loose leaf tea that is thoughtfully curated.